You can leave the geek part to me. Seriously. Unless, of course, you want to make a foray into the tech world – I can help you with that too!

work with Pam Hirsch

My goal is to help you have an amazing online presence.

  • one that reflects you and your brand
  • attracts your ideal clients
  • is super-easy for you to maintain
  • and have FUN while you are building your online empire!

Online technology is not rocket science.

We are not curing cancer.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time – from back when “yahoo” was something you hollered when you found out you were going to Disney World, way before it was something you “did.”

It’s not a mystery. Trust me. There are a lot of folks in the industry who want you to believe that – they’re like the Wizard of Oz, all magnified heads and curtains, but I believe you can learn as much or as little of this as you want.

I want you to know what technical components make up your awesome online self and how they fit together – at least enough so that you can make the decisions that will take your business up, up and UP!

When I started in this business I made the decision NOT to use technical jargon if I could help it. It’s alienating and confusing. I love IT – information technology – but I get that not everyone does. So I try very hard not to “speak geek” and to make all of this information as accessible as possible.

Having a coaching background helps me to find out what really is going to work for you in the long run. Your online self should reflect you and your brand and at the same time take advantage of the latest in web technology so that you can compete with the best. And that’s where I come in.

What Clients Are Saying

The process of co-creating my site, with Pam,  was fun, exciting, and uplifting. Pam’s intuition coupled with her tech savvy know-how and professionalism make her the best web designer I know! I highly recommend her. I honestly feel like I’ve gained a business partner and friend in addition to gaining a web designer! And that feels awesome!
– Rebecca Snowball, vibrantyogaentrepreneur.com
When I was first starting out, Pamela was like this peaceful little oasis amidst a storm of ideas and questions. I knew that when I reached out to her she would get back to me quickly with either a quick fix or wise piece of advice.  Without her I wouldn’t have been able to develop the back-end functionality on my website that I was hoping for. She is patient, funny, trustworthy, and honest, not to mention highly skilled.
– Allegra Stein, allegrastein.com

The Personal Details

  • 30 – count ‘em – years of experience in software development, primarily as a project manager, but I did my time in development, customer support and management as well.
  • Studied medicinal herbalism for over 15 years which led to the publishing of two books – The Traveler’s Natural Medicine Kit and Planting the Future.
  • Traveled all over the world. Venezuela, Libya, Europe, Malaysia, Iran – most of this due to my father’s job, but some through my own work as well.
  • I’m a quintuple Sagittarius – Sun, Moon, Rising and two other planets in Sag – my husband says that’s nothing to be proud of…whatever!
  • Artist – potter, painter and writer
  • I love Jane Austen, being on the ocean, and always learning. Freedom is my most cherished value and I am the Explorer/Adventurer archetype.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in working with me, check out my services or contact me directly.